The EU Referendum, and subsequent Brexit, has been an intense time of debate for our fragile little island. Most Remain voters are scared about what is to come and how so many people could vote based on lies and hate. In an attempt to cut through it all, I decided to objectively lay out the pros and cons of what Brexit means for the UK and its divided inhabitants.


  • Our kids won’t grow up as wusses who rely on loony left policies such free health care, maternity pay, worker’s rights, and equality.
  • Sensible, fair, and all round cool guy Rupert Murdoch will now have much more control over the opinions of the British public
  • Having the option to stay within most EU laws and regulations, like Norway and Switzerland, without having the boring and weighty responsibility of having any say in them. #easylife
  • A true David vs Goliath- like success against the elite; helped by those working class heroes (and in no way career politicians) Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, and Michael Gove. Just look at Farage’s happy little face. #cute
  • 1985 was an awesome year for the pound sterling.
  • The maps will look less messy when Ireland unites. And we might actually get rid of those leftie Scots this time.
  • There is now a vague excuse to get rid of a Labour leader that finally believes in anti-austerity, human rights, equality, and sense.
  • Casual racism totes legit now.
What a guy.


  • The combination of purple and yellow still ruined for the foreseeable future.
  • Remain voters smugly saying “I told you so” when their predictions come true.
  • A dramatic reduction in the humourous memes that helped us decide an important referendum.
  • Concerns over how so many dogs were able to register as voters. #dogsatpollingstations
  • David Cameron now looks like a moderate and sensible leader compared with alternatives.
  • People left with the horrible feeling that “Let’s make Britain Great again” may well have been a meaningless vote-grabbing slogan.
  • Still loads of foreigners wandering the streets, unsupervised.


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