The left wing have always been up against it. Most left wing policies are against the status quo and against those with the power and the influence. Even though the left’s logic and policies are for the good of most of the electorate, but are twisted and villainised by right wing politicians and media – alarmingly easily, as the EU Referendum Leave win, rise of New Labour and UKIP, insistence of the British public to keep voting the Tories in, the criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, and popularity of The Sun and The Daily Mail prove.

Left wing and right wing leanings are obviously opinions – but not in the way that film or music taste is, these are fundamental differences on the way humans should act and behave. It actually still boggles my mind that there even is still right wing policies in the 21st century, no mind that they are winning.

There are numourous sneaky ways in which they have done this, of course, on top of controlling the media – they scapegoat poor people (or ‘chavs’) and immigrants to cover up the faults of their policies and big businesses. They outright lie. The dismantling of the NHS has been a slow, undercover process; the Health and Social Care Act 2012 now means that the World Health Organisation does not class England as having a national health service – yep, you read right, I recommend that you read up on that bill and how it was a huge step into privatising healthcare in the UK without most of the public’s knowledge. And it was started by Thatcher in the eighties, of course, when she brought in private firms for hospital cleaning.

Often certain left wing elements are commercialised, to give them less impact – Che Guevara’s face is a great example of this, I have seen that same picture of him on every bit of conceivable merchandise. The Right also dirty words like socialism and liberal and hippy, so they become a joke or evil without any actual explanation. I know perfectly lovely, caring, and liberal people who say the word ‘hippy’ with a venom that should be reserved for the likes of ‘Nazi’ or ‘X-factor’. Here are some dictionary definitions for ‘liberal’: ‘favourable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms.’ Agh! ‘Favouring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform.’ Wusses! With such synonyms as ‘tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, open-minded, enlightened’ we’d be under Russian control within months if the lefty pansies were in charge!

One thing that no-one seems to grasp on the right, though, is that history does, gradually, prove them wrong. They then take these once loony left policies as the norm. Sometimes they try and change them, like with the NHS, but a lot of the time not so. Such things as votes for women, the abolition of slavery, freedom of religion, right to a fair trial, and legalising homosexuality, were all seen as totally bonkers and too radical by the establishment (the right wing) at the time. One of Tony Benn’s many great quotes sums this up beautifully;

“It’s the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you’re mad, then dangerous, then there’s a pause and then you can’t find anyone who disagrees with you.”

But, perhaps it is too late. Despite some rise in the popularity of the Green Party and Corbyn getting voted Labour leader twice, I cannot see a way out of this neo-liberal bollocks any time soon. Theresa May has already made it very clear that she will pretend to panda to the needs of the British people and she has completely legitimised the horrible way in which so many of the public are view refugees and immigrants. She wants them to be blamed for unemployment and the failures of the NHS, so that the true culprits (her party and New Labour) can get away scot-free. And it is working – it always works because all the loony left have are facts and compassion. Seemingly quite useless in the face of money and lies.

Anyway, it is not to say that the left always get it correct. There has been an increasing tendency of late to get things morally wrong by not thinking things through properly; some things seem correct on the surface, but are actually very damaging. I’ll talk about this in Part Two.